Styling The Perfect Spring Table

Styling The Perfect Spring Table

 With so much going on in the world right now, it feels like the perfect opportunity to spend some quality time and enjoy a meal with your loved ones. Whilst some restaurants may or may not have opened depending on where you are in the world, there is something special about hosting your very own intimate gathering. 

Whether you are hosting your next garden brunch or evening dinner party, creating a beautiful table setting shows you have made that extra bit of effort to make the event even more special and memorable. 

Creating the ideal table setting doesn’t need to be a complicated or daunting process. With just a few elements you will have put together the perfect table setting in a few simple steps. You’ll surprise yourself with how many objects you already have around the home that will add your own personal touch and style to your table. 

So if you are planning your next special occasion and want a bit of inspiration, we asked content creator Noreen Wasti for her top tips on how to dress your table for the perfect Spring occasion. 

"I love a beautiful table with good food and good company. It doesn’t have to be fussy or stressful, I dig around my cupboards and pantry to see how I can creatively mix and match items I already have. I like an eclectic assortment of things over the more traditional matchy matchy look. Don’t be afraid to mix patterns, colors, and tableware. Stunning flowers are always a must, but keep it simple with a few of your favorite blooms. Even just a few buds in a small vase is simple and inviting."


  1. Tablecloth and napkins 

Using natural linen is a fail safe when it comes to creating the perfect table setting. It is versatile and can be styled differently depending on the type of occasion. You could use a dark navy for a more intimate setting or for a more spring daytime occasion, oatmeal or white is a great choice as you can add more colour with other items on the table. For an extra touch, you could use some twine or string with a small flower to tie the napkins together. 

Oatmeal Linen Table Cloth, Dove Grey Linen Napkins, White Linen Napkins
  1. Place settings 

Now that you have your table cloth and napkins set for your guests, it is definitely the perfect excuse to get out your best and finest crockery and glass wear. You could even quickly make up some name cards so your guests know where to sit when they arrive for an extra special touch. 


  1. Choosing your centre piece 

Keeping it simple and classic with a nice vase and bunch of flowers really is enough to impress your guests and wont overcrowd the rest of the table. Seasonal flowers make the perfect impact and burst of bright colour. 

  1. Show your style 

Adding your own style to your table setting is important as it's an opportunity to showcase some new pieces you might have discovered recently and helps create a vibrant atmosphere with pops of colour and your own style. There are lots of amazing places now where you can buy unique and quirky dining sets, as well as fun additions like candles. Just make sure the naked flames aren’t too close to your flowers!

  1. The finishing touches 

Now that your table is set and looking fabulous, make sure you have the perfect playlist to set the mood, that the lighting is right for the time of day and that you and your guests enjoy yourselves and the time spent together! And why not try one of the recipes from our journal if you are in need of a bit of culinary inspiration?


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Follow Noreen Wasti for more recipe and table setting inspiration @noreenwasti


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