Made for living

Karate chopped cushions and seriously starched sheets are not really our thing.

At Piglet in Bed, creases are not the enemy. Wasting your one precious life on things like plucking, plumping and fluffing is.

Life is for LIVING. And so are our products.

Made to be thrown over before you snuggle under. Made to be chucked on so you can switch off and cut to cosy. Made to be low maintenance so you can concentrate on making memories.

They’re made for living. 

A note from our founder

A note from our founder

I started Piglet in 2017 from my mother's West Sussex garden shed with my fingers crossed that I wasn't alone in looking for high quality basics for my home that are as cosy as they are beautiful. We started tiny with just linen duvet covers and pillowcases in a few calming colours and have since grown the brand to include sleepwear, loungewear, table linens, curtains and more.

It has been such a exciting journey so far and a real joy to work alongside such a fun and hard working team!

Our family and our team

We now also have a secondary base of operation in Illinois to help our business to keep up with growing demand for our linens in the North America.

Our family and our team

A year into the Piglet journey we outgrew the garden shed and have been growing ever since.

Our wonderful team mostly works remotely but we love to get together when we can for a country walk and a catch up.

What's all the fuss about linen?

As well as being exceptionally soft, linen's natural long fibres help to regulate your body temperature as you sleep with its breathability and high moisture absorbency. It's also perfectly weighted which helps to ease you into a wonderful deep sleep. Linen is perfect for every season - fresh in the summer and warm in the winter. Another great quality of linen bedding is that it gets softer and softer with wear.

The production of linen is very sustainable as every part of the flax plant can be used. It is a rotation crop, farmed naturally in small batches.

Additional information can be found on The European Confederation of Flax and Hemp if you're interested in finding out more.

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