Why linen is the perfect material for hot summer nights

Why linen is the perfect material for hot summer nights

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that as soon as warm weather arrives on British shores you will simply not be able to talk about anything else. Classic exclamations such as 'Lovely day for it!' or 'Looks like you brought the weather with you!' will be heard from every street corner. This initial outburst of joy is often followed by tales of a bad night's sleep due to the hot weather; pleasing us Brits is no mean feat, after all. Enter: linen, nature's solution to a night otherwise spent tossing and turning, unable to get comfortable. 

So what it is that makes linen an ideal fabric for balmy nights?

linen cami pyjama set

Breathability & Thermoregulation

Made from the flax plant, linen's unique weave and long natural fibres allow air to flow through the fabric freely, allowing heat to escape. Linen also has great heat conductivity owing to its structure, making it a highly desirable material for sheets and sleepwear in warmer climates. 

Absorbs Moisture

Linen fibres soak up about one-fifth of their weight in water, meaning any sweat that appears on your skins surface is wicked away sharpish,  something your bedfellow will be very pleased about... 


Linen's lightweight structure means it doesn't cling to your skin as a heavier material would, trapping sweat in the process. 

Natural Comfort

Being a natural fibre, linen is a super soft material that only gets softer with every wash.

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