Top Sheet Or No Top Sheet?

Top Sheet Or No Top Sheet?

First things first, what is a top sheet?

A top sheet, also known as a flat sheet, lies between you and your duvet cover while you sleep. Its primary purpose is protecting the duvet from the dirt and bacteria our bodies shed during the night which keeps your duvet clean for longer, so you don’t have to wash it as often as your bedsheets.  

White linen flat sheet (left) and Midnight Stripe linen flat sheet (right)

So, what are the benefits of a top sheet?

1. You won’t have to wash your duvet as frequently

We shed millions of bacteria and skin cells every day making it essential to change our sheets approximately every two weeks. However, using a top sheet protects your bedding from accumulating dirt as quickly resulting in fewer washes, saving both time and money. 

2. It keeps your duvet cover fresher, for longer 

The top sheet acts as a barrier for the duvet covers, which absorbs all your sweat and build-up, therefore stopping any transfer on your favourite bedding, keeping your duvet fresher for longer. Less need for frequent washing means it’s better for the environment too! 

3. An added layer can help to keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer

When sleeping with a duvet is too much in the summer, a single top sheet provides a breathable cover without trapping heat, keeping you cool and refreshed during the night. For those colder winter nights, adding a top sheet creates an air-trapping effect and provides an extra soft layer to keep you cosy all night long. 

Linen sheets are the perfect all year round option as linen contains long and natural fibres that regulate body temperature, so it’s able to absorb and shed moisture rapidly, keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. 

4. It can help to create a luxurious looking bed-scape

The top sheet is an essential part of creating a warm and inviting bedscape that you’ll be desperate to dive into. If you’re feeling creative, consider using a top sheet in a different colour to the rest of your bedding to create a vibrant bedscape with lots of depth. You can also mix and match pillows and cushions in a variety of sizes and colours for an ultra-personalised look.

Go one step further by adding a textured throw or bedspread into the mix and voila! You have an enviable bed you just cannot wait to climb into!

Top sheet or no top sheet?

One of the biggest arguments against top sheets is that they are an unnecessary layer of bedding that will just get in the way and end up scrunched at the bottom of your bed in the morning. One quick way to prevent this is to take your top sheet and lay it over the top of your pillows. Place your duvet cover where your pillows meet and fold your top sheet over the duvet. This will make the duvet cover and top sheet act as one, thus stopping your top sheets from coming off during the night and ensuring a blissful night’s sleep!

Styling Suggestions

A crisp, white top sheet works well with both neutrals, like our Oatmeal Stripe (below left) as well as bold colours like Merlot (below right). The white cuts beautifully through the darker colours and add interest and depth to neutrals. 

Alternatively, try pairing similar colours together, such as a Forest Green duvet cover and a Sage Green flat sheet for some contrast (below left). For a more uniform look, while still maintaining a layered effect, choose a top sheet that matches the duvet cover and fitted sheet, as shown here (below right) in our Warm Clay shade.   

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