The Art Of Layering Print

The Art Of Layering Print

If you know us well, you’ll know that we aren’t afraid to layer print in our homes. Our bed linen collections have been carefully curated to give you plenty of flexibility and inspiration when it comes to mixing and matching both colours and fabrics; we love nothing more than trialling unexpected combinations. Layering contrasting prints can feel unnatural and daunting at first, but here are our top tips for landing a look that feels cohesive rather than chaotic. 

Be Bold

The art of layering print largely lies in your commitment to the trend. Our biggest piece of advice when looking to layer print, is to do so with confidence. Choose bed linens that you truly love, whether that be a combination of ginghams and stripes or florals and checks, and have fun with styling. If you try too hard to overly complicate and coordinate things, the finished look will likely look and feel rigid. In our opinion, the best interiors are always those which feel relaxed and effortless, filled with pieces that bring you joy, not those that have been meticulously planned and overly styled. 

Love this? Left: Pink Bloom Linen Bedding w/ Field Rose Linen Bedding. Right: Bluebell & Warm Clay Somerley Stripe Linen Bedding 

Consider Colour 

The key to layering print in a way that feels considered yet cosy, is to use colour carefully. As a general rule of thumb, choose two ‘core’ colours in varying tones, and a third ‘accent’ colour which features more than once in the space - this will ensure visual balance and harmony across the room and keep it from looking and feeling overwhelmed. Whichever colour bed linen you choose, make sure to mirror this colour elsewhere in your bedroom so that your bed sits in harmony with its surroundings. Our SS24 collections welcome bold stripes, ginghams in fresh hues, and vintage-inspired florals - each print and colour thoughtfully chosen to seamlessly sit with one another. 

Love this? Left: Dusty Blue Amberley Stripe Linen Bedding. Right: Berry Gingham Linen Bedding 

Plain Pairings

If you’re feeling a little hesitant in going all-out maximalism, but still want to dip your toes in this trend, then look to a plain, block colour. Not only will a plain linen work to break up the print, it will also ground your entire scheme - particularly if you use a strong colour. A plain sheet or set of pillowcases in a colour that coordinates with your chosen print/prints will work wonderfully. Our ‘Mix & Match Bundles’ allow you to build your own either linen or cotton bedding bundle from scratch, and order free swatch samples to give you peace of mind before committing to a bed linen set.

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