2024 Interior Trends That Will Take Over Your Instagram This Summer

2024 Interior Trends That Will Take Over Your Instagram This Summer

Though we’re big believers in investing in timeless pieces and generally like to stand firm against fleeting trends, we can’t help but stay up to date with what’s hot in the world of interiors. We’ve done our homework, and these are the trends we think will fill your feeds this summer… 


A 2024 take on the cottagecore trend that graced our screens, and homes, last year, this season is all about whimsycore – a trend we can very much get on board with. Much like the joy-inducing cottagecore trend, whimsycore transcends generations and overlooks popular culture, instead paying attention to how a space can make us feel.

Ethereal and enchanting, the trend encourages us to connect with a more child-like self, one who romanticises the little things and sees magic in the mundane. Inspired by fantasy, folklore, and the joy of childhood imagination, whimsycore combines eclectic elements, vibrant colours, and unexpected details to evoke a sense of wonder and charm.

Think primary colours splashed across bold stripes, combined with whimsy florals, playful silhouettes and just the right amount of fussy to feel modern. To achieve this look in our bedrooms we’re plastering the walls with floral wallpaper, combining Somerley Stripe with ginghams, placing bobbin lamps bedside and filling empty corners with upcycled antiques and eclectic finds. 

Stripes, Stripes and more Stripes  

Stripes – a classic pattern that has stood the test of time, effortlessly blending sophistication with versatility, transcending age, gender and even style. In the realm of interior design, stripes have been having a moment for a while now, and the trend doesn’t seem to be going anywhere any time soon.

Offering endless possibilities for adding visual interest, depth and personality to any space, it is totally unsurprising that this trend is firmly standing its ground. More than ever, we’re seeing stripes of various weights being layered together, with florals, ginghams and geometrics – truly a Maximalist's dream.

Not only do stripes offer a sense of order, rhythm and fun to a room, but they can also create an optical illusion, making spaces appear bigger than they are, whilst still creating that cocooning look and feel. Embracing this trend is made easy with our collection of striped bedding – layer various styles and colours together for an eclectic look or break the print up with a block-coloured fitted sheet or quilt for a more pared-back finish.


There’s no denying that ‘90s minimalism is having a resurgence in fashion right now, and we predict that it’s only a matter of time before this trend reaches the world of interiors. An effortlessly cool and understated trend sported by fashion icons Carolyn Bessette, Jane Birken and Julia Roberts back in the day, backed by quiet luxury and characterised by clean lines, simple shapes and pared-back aesthetics.

Think lots of white linen, sky blue cottons, subtle pinstripes and unironed shirts borrowed from your Dad, or Grandad even. Cue our Favourite Shirt Stripe - an easy-breezy sort of stripe that sings of nostalgia and looks its most beautiful when creased and crumpled on a Saturday morning.

That cool-girl ‘I've just thrown on my grandad’s shirt’ look, now applied to interiors. Style this bedding in neutral interiors with white linens, organic elements and natural materials for added textural interest.

Jewel Tones

Stepping away from the Scandi-inspired pastels that have flooded our Instagram feeds for the past few years, Summer 2024 sees a surge of deeper, jewel-like tones. Bold blues, sunny yellows, jade greens, deep purples and rich browns – hues that are unified in their warm undertones and which give that luxurious but ‘lived in’ feel to a home.

The key is to layer colour with confidence – simply commit to colours that bring you joy and a sense of calm, using two core colours and a third accent colour to create balance and visual harmony in any space. Look to our plain bedding collection to ground your bedroom scheme, or Amberly Stripe for those opulent, moody tones that add depth and drama to any space.  

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