Meet the Maker: LEGRA

Meet the Maker: LEGRA

To celebrate the launch of our new Piglet in Bed x LEGRA natural beauty products range - featuring two plant-based soaps and a natural deodrant - we sat down with the lovely Cheryl Dunbar, co-founder of LEGRA to chat all things clean living and what she *quite literally* can't live without on her bedside table...

Piglet in Bed x LEGRA soaps and deodrant

Why did you decide to start LEGRA? 

Andy and I started LEGRA as way to bring clean, non toxic alternatives to our family with the everyday bodycare products that we use. It was important to create healthier, cleaner products without compromising  effectiveness - family can be your harshest critics! We started with soap and deodorant because they were the products that we all use daily.

Tell us a bit about where and how you make your products.

We’re based in a vibrant seaside town called Leigh on Sea, We make our products in small batches with the best quality ingredients we can find. Our soap is made using the traditional cold process method and takes several weeks to cure. Everything is measured, mixed, hand cut and poured by us.

How do you come up with your delicious scents/ingredients?  

Every ingredient in our waterless formulas has a purpose, whether its moisturising,  exfoliating, cleansing, drawing out impurities - no fillers or harsh chemicals are used. We only use essential oils which provide not only beautiful fragrance blends but also have additional benefits of improving your health and your mood.

Have you always had an interest in natural, plant-based beauty products?

Definitely, nature has given us all of these amazing, simple, effective ingredients so it doesn’t make sense not to utilise them.  Andy’s parents are Jamaican so his family ‘go to’ product was cocoa butter so it was always going to feature in our range.

Are you a morning lark or a night owl?

That’s changed over the years! I’m now a morning person. Coming down to the kitchen, lighting a candle and brewing that first coffee is my favourite thing to do.

What's one thing you can't live without on your bedside table?

I can actually answer that literally!  I’m Type 1 diabetic so I keep a small bar of chocolate on my bedside table in case I get a hypo (low blood sugar) that I can reach for in the middle of the night – total life saver!

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