How To Incorporate Sage Green Into Your Bedroom

How To Incorporate Sage Green Into Your Bedroom

Green is the official colour of 2022 (or so say a vast number of paint brands) and there is one particular shade that keeps on trending: sage green, a beautiful shade of light green. Because of its calming and soothing tones, it is particularly popular in bedroom décor, from wall colour, cabinetry and bedding. It’s no secret that we are a big fan of the shade and so are our customers. In fact, our sage green linen bedding sets are one of our most popular items. If you feel drawn to this colour as much as we are then read on for tips on how to incorporate sage green into your bedroom!


1. Make Use of the Walls 

An easy and cost-efficient way to bring some sagey joy into your bedroom design is to get the paintbrush out and paint the walls - even just one accent wall is enough to update your space. You could even try some DIY panelling with a lick of sage green paint to really refresh your bedroom. 

Credit: @_millergrey and @cedarandsuede

 2. Use Contrasting Colours 

This light green hue is a beautifully neutral tone and therefore a match made in heaven with most colour palettes. It’s a great base to bring in brighter or richer colours. You could try rust or peach accents for a rustic, Mediterranean feel. For a more classic finish, sage green looks timeless next to grey or deep teal, or even contrast with white or cream to add a delicate, vintage-like touch. Whether you’re after a crisp and fresh finish, or intimate and cosy, sage green will restore energy and bring a level of calm, away from the fast paced everyday. 

 3. Don’t Forget About Your Bed 

We’re firm believers your bedroom ought to be a place of sanctuary, one you just cannot wait to return to. Refreshing your bed linen can transform your space and our sage green bedding feels nothing but calming and serene. ‘Pink and green, fit for a Queen’ - we think so! We can’t get enough of our sage green bedding mixed in with raspberry; try differing pillowcases or a contrasting under sheet for a discreet flare. You can find more ways to style our range of linen bedding just here!

Credit: @riverjadegibbs and @rapsodia_w 

 4. A Touch of the Natural World

Sage green and organic, natural textures go hand in hand. Our handwoven jute rugs are made from 100% natural plant fibres providing a neutral, contemporary style and make a great addition to any space (alongside your sage green bed linen of course!).

Green on green? No need to ask us twice! As with most tones, you can create a really striking look by layering in shades of the same colour. Bringing indoor plants into your bedroom space is an effortless way to incorporate more shades of this restful tone and can help you feel a little more in tune with nature. There are numerous benefits to sharing your space with indoor plants; they help to reduce stress and anxiety levels, can improve one’s mood as well as purifying the air we breathe - what’s not to love! Our friends at Patch Plants have endless options, depending on the amount of space and sunlight you may have available.
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