Crafty Easter Decor Ideas

Crafty Easter Decor Ideas

Easter is almost upon us, bringing with it the opportunity for lots of fun Easter crafts to do at home. Whether you’re someone who likes to go all out and invite your friends or family round for an Easter brunch complete with a fully decorated tablescape, or maybe you don’t typically partake in Easter decor but want to do something creative this year, we’ve got you covered with this list of imaginative Easter decor DIY activities. 

Easter Bunny Napkin Setting

For those of you who are hosting over the Easter period and want to get creative with your table settings, this Easter Bunny napkin setting is easy to replicate and yet looks oh so cute. To create the bunny outline, fold your linen napkin into a triangle and then roll it lengthways. Form it into a U-shape - those will be the ears - and make a spot for an egg. Use some string to make a bow and secure the egg in its little cushion. Go for a cottagecore-inspired look by inserting a pretty floral sprig from your garden underneath the string, or you can draw a little bunny face on the egg. 

easter bunny napkin setting

Egg Shell Candles

I stumbled across these DIY egg shell tealights while scrolling on Pinterest recently and instantly wanted to try them myself!

  • Start by making a small hole at both the top and bottom of an egg, then blow on one of the ends to remove the contents into a bowl.
  • Gently remove some of the egg shell from the top - lightly tapping on it with a teaspoon if needed - and peel it back to around a third of the way down, making sure to leave enough shell to hold your wax.
  • Wash the egg shells (being careful not to break them!) and let them dry in the egg box
  • Melt down your soy wax flakes using a wax melting pot and attach the metal base of a candle wick to the bottom of the egg shell using a small bit of the melted wax 
  • Once the wick is secure, pour the melted wax into the egg shell, making sure the wick stays straight. You can then place ice lolly sticks either side of the wick to make sure it stays in place
  • Allow the wax to solidify and the candle to cool then decorate the egg box with little floral sprigs or foliage from the garden to bring it to life. 

egg shell tealightCredit: Pinterest

Easter Wreath

Easter wreaths are a great way to add some seasonal cheer to your home or to your front door. You can make a natural spring-inspired wreath using a metal wreath ring, twigs and foliage from your garden or the local woodland, and some natural twine. Simply create small bunches of the twigs and foliage  and begin securing them with bits of twine or ribbon to the wreath ring. The more rustic looking the better - in our opinion - so you don’t need to worry about making it look too neat. Once you’re happy with the base, choose some pretty spring flowers to decorate the wreath with and wire them into position. Finish by securing some ribbon to the top of the wreath for easy hanging. 

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