Five Ways To Refresh Your Bedroom For Spring

Five Ways To Refresh Your Bedroom For Spring

Every year when that first warm spring day arrives, we all go a little bit mad. At least, we do in the UK, where the winters are long, dark, wet and muddy. “Look at me, leaving the house without a coat!” “Don’t the daffodils look wonderful this time of year?” “The sun is just such a mood lifter, isn’t it?” The day is filled with these chiruppy exchanges, so giddy are we that the sun is finally out. This positive seasonal change is infectious and brings with it a desire to declutter, clean and spruce up our homes as well. If you are looking to refresh your bedroom for spring and channel your inner Cinderella, throwing open your windows to welcome in the birds and squirrels (figuratively speaking), then read on for our top five tips! Sadly for me, my local sparrows are reluctant to make my bed, so it seems I will have to do it myself.

1. Update your bedding 

With the slightly warmer evenings, you might find you don’t need that heavy tog duvet anymore and can switch to a lighter one. For transition seasons (spring and autumn) when temperatures are still variable, opting for a lighter duvet with a throw over the top for chiller nights is a great way to ensure you don’t get too hot or cold in the night. Choosing bed linen made from natural fibres, such as linen, will also help regulate your body temperature when the outdoor temperature is unpredictable. 

Refreshing your bed linen is a great way to make the room feel different without making a major change. Just adding a different sheet or new pillowcases can give the room a fresh feel with limited investment. 

Forest Green, Burnt Orange, Sage Green and Luna Stripe bedding from Piglet in Bed

2. Introduce some colour  

Brighten up the room with little pops of colour where you can. A glimpse of a bright cushion or mixing and matching your bed linen will really lift the room. We love mixing bright bedding colours and the beauty of it is that it is hard to go wrong. Wall prints can be bought fairly inexpensively and can be used to introduce colour to the walls and pull out certain accents elsewhere in the room. 

3. Declutter and re-arrange 

Go through the floordrobe and donate clothing that you know you’ll probably never wear again. Bulging wardrobes, cluttered desks, piles of books and old mugs (please don’t say it’s just me) don’t scream “spring refresh” and now is as good a time to have a good sort-out. Swapping out framed prints for new ones or switching existing ones around the home is an easy way to make a change too. If the room allows, try rearranging the furniture for a new take on the space: it’s amazing how it can give you a new sense of perspective. 

Raspberry bedtime bundle by Piglet in Bed 

4. Bring in some flowers 

Spring equals flowers, that we know. Add a little vase to the bedside table for a little boost when you wake up in the morning. Daffodils and tulips are a nice addition to any room and if you want something longer lasting than cut flowers, bowls of growing bulbs such as hyacinths looks and smell beautiful.  


Forest Green linen bedding from Piglet in Bed

5. Clear the air 

Open the windows every morning and let that fresh spring air into the room. Fresh air really does wonders for the soul and changing the air regularly can help keep germs and viruses at bay. Room mists to match your mood and time of day will lift the room, as can burning your favourite candle or oil diffuser. 

Dark Amber and Vetivert candle; Lake Blue, Blueberry, Midnight Stripe linen bedding, by Piglet in Bed

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