A Complete Pillowcase Size Guide

A Complete Pillowcase Size Guide

If you are buying new pillowcases, before you can start with the fun part of choosing fabrics and colours, you first have to know what size you need for your pillow. If you’ve ever struggled to understand the difference between a standard, Oxford and king size pillowcase, this definitive guide will help you choose the right size!

What is a standard pillowcase? 

A standard pillowcase measures 50 x 75cm and is designed to fit a standard pillow of the same size. It has a solid sewn edge and will fit your pillow snugly. A single standard pillow will fit nicely across the width of a single bed and a pair will sit side by side on a double bed. 

What is a housewife pillowcase?

A housewife pillowcase is exactly the same as a standard pillowcase, the only difference is the name. It was allegedly named after the Housewives Cooperative of Bolton, who invented the flap inside the pillowcase that stops the pillow from falling out. Who knew?

What is an Oxford pillowcase? 

An Oxford pillowcase will also fit any standard pillow, as the inside also measures 50 x 75cm. The only difference is that it will have a wide flat hem around it that creates a border, for aesthetic purposes. 

How big is a king size pillowcase?

A king size pillowcase is designed to only fit over a king size pillow and is much longer than a standard. It measures 50 x 90cm. A pair of king size pillows will fit perfectly side by side in a king size bed. They are also commonly referred to as Super King pillowcases, XL, Super Long or Large. It’s all the same, but check the size guide of where you’re buying from to be sure. 

What is a square pillowcase?

A square pillowcase will measure 65 x 65cm and will fit a square pillow. Sometimes square pillowcases may also have a wide flap or hemp around the edge for decorative purposes, like the Oxford pillowcases. 

What is a pillow sham?

A pillow sham tends to be a thicker, more decorative covering. Shams are generally designed not to be slept on (as often they are quilted or embroidered which might not be as comfortable against your skin) but serve as an embellishment to the bed and the complete a bedroom aesthetic. Pillow shams may come in any of the sizes listed above. 

Now that you know what pillowcase size you need, you can move on to the far more interesting part of choosing the style! At Piglet in Bed, all our pillowcases are available in standard, super king and square, in all of our signature colours - perfect for mixing and matching with our bedding sets! We also stock 100% merino wool-filled pillows, if you are looking for a natural alternative to feather and down. 


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