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Merino Wool - what's the big deal?

You might have seen that we have just launched our new range of merino wool bedding: beautiful, natural duvets and pillows that can now go hand in hand with our full range of bed linen. “Woolly duvets?”, we hear you wonder. In a nutshell, yes!  We thought we’d take the opportunity to talk more here about merino wool, why we love it so much and why we think you will too.


What’s different about Merino wool?

  • Merino wool is a natural fibre grown by Merino sheep, the majority of which are raised in Australia. In the case of our bedding, the wool comes from Italy and is certified to be humanely sourced from the flocks that are free-range and not farmed.
  • It is thinner and softer than normal wool, making it easier to wear close to your skin.
  • Merino wool has the advantage over many other materials (such as regular sheep’s wool) in that it regulates body temperature and cancels out odours. It’s natural and keeps you dry and sweat-free. 
  • It is biodegradable and disappears after about 12 months in the ground. 
  • It is also super soft!


Why is Merino wool a great alternative to feathers and down?

  • Merino wool helps your body’s temperature to self-regulate in cold and warm climates, keeping you cosy when it's cold and cool when it is hot.
  • Wool helps to draw moisture away from the body, allowing for a dry night’s sleep and allowing for your body temperature to remain stable no matter what the climate. In contrast, feathers and down work as insulators which means they will trap heat rather than allow it to circulate making you overheat and sweat.
  • Merino wool is breathable which means it allows oxygen to circulate around the body while you sleep, allowing you to remain dry and comfortable.
  • Naturally hypo-allergenic, merino wool is soft and crinkled meaning that its fibres aren’t coarse and itchy to the skin.
  • Wool is naturally dust mite free. Dust mites need a warm moist environment to survive and by being cool and dry, wool is a hostile environment for them.


To find out more about our new range of Merino bedding, click here and for more answers to any burning questions you might have, please visit our FAQ page



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