Tips for keeping cosy and warm this winter

Tips for keeping cosy and warm this winter

If you have lived in an old English cottage throughout the winter months then I’m sure you know some tips and tricks for keeping warm when the cold hits. Fingerless gloves and around three jumpers are no doubt your everyday outfit of choice, à la Cameron Diaz in our all time favourite Christmas movie, The Holiday. 

Here we've gathered some ways you can invest or improve in areas of your home to make sure you're keeping out the cold this winter…

First things first, make sure your home is well insulated

This one seems pretty obvious but the main issue with the old English cottages that I mentioned above is that they are often not very well insulated. One of the more costly items on the list, and arguably the most important, so do make sure to have someone in to check your home is thermal-efficient. 

Check for draughts

Even a tiny crack in a window or a gap underneath a front door can leave the rest of your home feeling chilly by allowing the heat to escape. Make sure to caulk any tiny cracks in the wall, or to replace faulty windows where needed (granted, this is rather costly but will most certainly save you money in the long-run!). There’s also lots of lovely draught excluders on the market which can add to your aesthetic rather than take away from it. 

Invest in good quality bedding

Investing in good quality bedding will help to ensure a deep and restful sleep in the colder months. A thin, lifeless old duvet insert that feels closer to cotton wool after years of use will be doing nothing to help you keep warm, and most likely hindering your sleep.

Look for duvet inserts that are filled with sheep's wool. This natural material has many amazing qualities which make it the perfect choice for bedding and a wonderful alternative to feathers and down. As with linen, Merino wool helps your body’s temperature to self-regulate in cold and hot climates, keeping you cosy when it's cold and cool when it is hot. 

One of the other great things about linen bedding and merino wool duvet inserts is that they are both breathable materials. So instead of leaving you feeling stuffy like high-thread count cotton sheets would, they’ll keep you cosy while ensuring air can circulate through and around the materials. 

Merino wool bedding

Keep your feet toasty and warm with rugs

Not only do rugs feel nice and cosy on your feet, they also stop heat escaping through cracks in your wooden floorboards. If you have tiles in your kitchen, a nice runner not only adds some texture and depth to the space, it also acts as a safe space for your feet when you’re making your tea or coffee on a cold winter morning! 

Jute rug in living room

Layers, layers and more layers!

In addition to choosing a thermoregulating bedding material such as linen, it may seem fairly obvious but you’re going to want to layer up! Adding a quilt or a woollen blanket to the end of your bed will help keep your feet toasty and warm. When it comes to keeping warm while you are pottering around the house or the garden, a thick housecoat is a stylish alternative to five knitted jumpers!

Above left: @patriciarodi

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