Five Tips When Choosing Curtains!

Five Tips When Choosing Curtains!

Changing your curtains brings an instant breath of fresh air to your room. Not only are curtains wonderfully functional, they also provide softness, colour and texture. Choosing a new set of curtains can be daunting as there are so many options to choose from, ranging from fabric, pattern, hanging style and length. We’ve listed our five top tips to consider when deciding how to dress your window so you can’t go wrong! 

  • Track or pole?
  • Consider whether you’d like your curtains hung on a track (with hidden curtain hooks that glide along the track) or a pole. This really just comes down to personal taste and what would suit the style of your room best. All our linen curtains are made with loops to be placed over a pole, which makes them super simple to hang! 

  • Measure, measure, measure 
  • There is little more frustrating than hanging your new curtains only to realise that they don’t fit the window! Before you place an order, get your tape measure out and measure the height between the pole and where you want your curtains to end. Be sure to check whether the manufacturer has included the length of the loops or hoops (if hanging on a pole). 

    Piglet in Bed’s curtains come in two sizes: 215cm or 250cm in length. The length of the curtains includes the loop length of 15cm. 

    Once you’ve figured out the height, remember to measure the width. Most curtains are sold as a pair, so you need to work out whether the curtain width is wide enough to cover half your window. You might want to be generous with your measurements, to avoid having to pull the curtain taught when closing. Each of our individual curtains measures 122cm in width, so unless your window is more than 244cm in width, you should be fine!

  • Sheer or blackout?
  • Are you looking for curtains to keep out the morning sunlight so you get those few extra hours of sleep or do you prefer a sheer curtain? Our curtains are designed for the sheer end of the spectrum, ideal if you want curtains that gently wave in the breeze against the open window, let the natural light in and still allow for privacy when closed. The darker end of our rage, such as our Berry Linen Curtain, will provide more light protection. Our lighter end of the colour palette, like our very popular White Linen Curtains, allow for lots of natural light and will considerable brighten any room. 

  • The finished look
  • You’ve made your decision, added to your cart and now your beautiful new curtains have arrived! It’s time to hang them and make them look their best! To remove any packing creases that may occured, you could either iron your curtains before hanging them or (our personal preference) use a small steamer after hanging to gently remove those creases. Alternatively, just pop them up and let time do the work - those creases will be gone in a few days!

  • Make them last!
  • Linen curtains are very low maintenance, once they are up, just settle back and enjoy them! We do, however, recommend washing them every once in a while to keep them fresh and remove any dust. Simply remove them from the pole and wash them in the washing machine at 40 degrees celsius. Ideally wash them separately to other items to avoid overloading the machine and as always, keep your colours separate! Air dry if possible so as to avoid major creasing from the tumble dryer. 

    All of our linen curtains are designed to complement the other items in our range from linen bedding to the rest of our homeware collection, including table cloths, runners and placemats. 

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