Everything You Need to Know About Our New Pocket Sprung Mattresses

Everything You Need to Know About Our New Pocket Sprung Mattresses

Just when you thought a Piglet night’s sleep couldn’t get any better, we thought we’d spring (pun intended) a couple of new products on you. Say hello to Cortelferry and Hawks Barn, two expertly crafted pocket-sprung mattresses designed exclusively for Piglet in Bed by British heritage brand Hypnos.

With over 100 years of bed-making experience, Hypnos has built a reputation for creating the most comfortable beds in the world. They continue to use traditional skills passed down from generation to generation and are renowned experts in making handcrafted deep pocket-spring mattresses.

Left: Balls of pure British wool. Right: Gloved hands stitching a mattress with a large sewing needle

Hypnos is known for supplying beds and mattresses to homes and hotels across the globe, as well as to royalty, VIPs, and celebrities. The family-run company continues to carry the Royal Warrant for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II too, demonstrating its high standards of excellence, quality, service, and sustainable innovation.

In short, Hypnos know a thing or two about getting a great night’s sleep. Naturally, it was the perfect pairing for our first mattress range, and we’re delighted to share some more details below.

What makes the Cortelferry Pocket Sprung Wool and Cotton Mattress unique?

Our Cortelferry mattress is made with deep layers of responsibly sourced cotton and pure British wool. Exclusive to Piglet in Bed, this beautiful mattress is expertly hand-tailored and combines luxurious comfort with an innovative pocket spring system.

This supportive mattress features Hypnos’ expertly engineered pocket springs, ReActivePro™, with eight active turns for total body comfort and Triple Edge Protection™ for edge-to-edge support. Each spring independently senses your shape and weight distribution, providing full support for your spine and body.

Cortelferry Pocket Sprung Wool and Cotton Mattress

Above: Cortelferry Pocket Sprung Wool and Cotton Mattress 

Upholstered with three fleeces (or 6.4kg) of 100% British wool alongside a generous layer of cotton, the Cortelferry mattress helps regulate body temperature, keeping you cool in the summer and cosy in the winter. The mattress is covered with a naturally safe and fire-resistant sleep surface made from sustainably sourced cotton.

The mattress is 26cm high and single-sided, so there’s no need to turn it. Simply rotate the mattress with the seasons.

What are the stand-out features of the Hawks Barn Pocket Sprung Mattress?

Our second exclusive Hypnos mattress is the Hawks Barn mattress, a traditionally made pocket-sprung mattress of pure wool. This seasonal turn mattress provides superior comfort and support with generous layers of soft and springy British wool.

Hawks Barn Pocket Sprung Wool Mattress

Above: Hawks Barn Pocket Sprung Wool Mattress

The Hawks Barn mattress features a ReActivePro™ six-turn pocket spring system with Triple Edge Protection™ for total support. It’s upholstered with eight fleeces (or 16.3kg) of wool, ideal for naturally regulating your body temperature. Like the Cortelferry mattress, the Hawks Barn mattress is also covered with a naturally safe, fire-resistant sleep surface made from sustainably sourced cotton.

The mattress is 29cm high and double-sided, so it’s designed to be turned with the seasons.

Are the Cortelferry and Hawks Barn mattresses produced sustainably?

All the wool in our Cortelferry and Hawks Barn mattresses is 100% British and traceable to Red Tractor-assured farms. Red Tractor is the UK’s biggest farm and food standards scheme, covering the entire farm supply chain, including animal welfare, traceability, and environmental protection.

Every part of Hypnos’ supply chain is robustly audited, too, from the collection, washing, and combing of the wool to its delivery to their factory in Buckinghamshire.

Stack of mattresses showing the inner fillings made from cotton and wool

The cotton fillings in the mattresses are sourced from CottonConnect, and Hypnos work with the Better Cotton initiative to source cotton fibres for fabrics. Both mattresses also feature a base support layer of eOlus™ fibre, made from recycled water bottles.

To reduce waste, our mattresses are made to order. And when it comes to the end of its life, every part of the mattress can be recycled, from the wool and cotton to the springs and tufts.

What are the benefits of natural wool and cotton mattresses?

Wool is an ideal fibre for bed making. It’s antibacterial, repels dust mites, and responds to fluctuations in body temperature, wicking away moisture to help keep you at a comfortable temperature, whatever the time of year.

Left: a reel of quilted white fabric. Right: A white woman sewing quilted material on a sewing machine

Similarly, cotton is soft and breathable, helping keep heat away from the body. For our mattresses, Hypnos has sourced sustainable cotton fillings and unbleached cotton yarn for weaving into the damask that covers the mattress.

The woven cotton sleep surface is naturally fire-resistant due to the patented weave, so our mattresses are free from flame-retardant chemicals.  

How did Hypnos design the perfect pocket spring?

Every element of a Hypnos mattress has been carefully designed for maximum comfort and support, from the performance of the individual pocket springs to the quality of the fillings. The expertly engineered pocket springs in Hypnos mattresses are designed to offer total support, follow the body’s contours, and alleviate pressure points.

White man's hand stitching together a mattress with a large sewing needle

The more active turns in a spring, the greater its ability to respond to your unique shape, height, and weight. Hypnos’ patented ReActivePro™ pocket spring system and traditional hand side-stitching create the ideal bed edge support.

Pocket springs also encourage airflow to circulate throughout the mattress, allowing ventilation to the fillings and keeping the mattress fresh and dry.

Both mattresses come in a medium tension, the goldilocks of firmness – not too soft and not too hard. It's a great all-rounder, and the most popular choice when it comes to mattress tensions. 

Our made-to-order mattresses are now available online in three sizes: UK Double, King, and Super King. Please expect a 6-8 week lead time. You'll be contacted when the mattress is approximately two weeks from being completed. 

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