Meet the Maker: Pottery West

Meet the Maker: Pottery West

We are so excited to launch our latest capsule collection of ceramic tableware in collaboration with Pottery West, the ceramics studio of Catherine and Matt West, in Sheffield, England. 

Featuring mugs, cereal bowls, and dinner bowls, this range is part of our series of partnerships with British brands who share our celebration of slow, sustainable living and love of quality materials. 

Selection of Pottery West stoneware ceramic bowls and mugs

All the pieces in this collection are hand-thrown using speckled stoneware. The clay body is blended by Pottery West in their studio, using a flecked and iron-rich clay from Derbyshire and a paler and purer stoneware. They use traditional methods of making, including pulling the handles (as opposed to extruding). The pieces are fired to 1,260 degrees celsius in an electric kiln.

The speckled stoneware mugs and bowls come in five different glaze colours: Nori, Olive, Ochre, Sand and Powder.

Line of Pottery West flecked stoneware mugs in five different glazes

Similarities in the production processes of linen and hand-thrown pottery mean this partnership is a natural extension of our existing collection of comforts for the home. Manufacturing linen and making ceramic tableware is a lengthy and therapeutic process that takes great skill and patience. The end result is wonderfully unique pieces whose beauty reflects the time and effort that has gone into them. Our latest ceramic tableware collection is designed to pair beautifully with our 100% European flax table linens.

Drinking a cup of coffee in one of these mugs becomes a moment to savour rather than rush, while the cereal and dining bowls elevate even the most basic breakfasts or simple suppers. We love the slow life here at Piglet in Bed and what better way to enjoy the moment than with these carefully crafted ceramics?

Selection of Pottery West stoneware bowls and mugs

Caring for your ceramics

Every piece is carefully made by hand and may vary slightly in colour and size from the images and description. We recommend washing your ceramics by hand when you can, as regular dishwasher use may shorten their lifespan. Avoid placing in extreme hot or cold environments such as an oven or a freezer, as this could cause thermal shock and result in fragility, cracking, and breakage.

Discover more works from the studio on the Pottery West website.


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