Mens Pyjamas Are Here!

Mens Pyjamas Are Here!

Putting on your PJs is a ritual and habit that signals to your body it’s time to relax, get cosy and switch off. But if you seriously want your body to realise its time to wind down, having quality sleepwear is key.

We spend over a third of our lives in bed so what we wear at night has a huge impact on the quality of our sleep and general well-being. 100% linen pjs that are temperature-regulating will keep you warm and cosy in the winter and fresh and cool in the summer months. Linen is not only extremely comfortable but is also a highly breathable material.

With the launch of our new exclusive men's range of 100% linen PJ trouser sets, we thought we would share why it's worth investing in our quality pjs and upgrading your sleeping attire.


1. They look good (no regrets about putting this first on the list)

After so many customers have asked for our women's sets to be available in men's sizes, we knew it was time to launch our stylish men's sets too. Because mens pjs have traditionally been fairly bland and pretty old school, we hope these sets will set a more modern tone for quality men's sleepwear. Our pjs are all designed to have a relaxed look with elasticated waistbands, pockets, white pearl buttons and piping all along the edges. Made from 100% natural stonewashed flax, they are the perfect lazy day-to-night addition to your wardrobe.

2. They will help you relax and get a better night's sleep 

At the heart of Piglet in Bed is the pursuit of sincere comfort and we think that simple high quality, low maintenance basics are the answer to helping you relax. Having Pjs that are both practical and comfortable is so important, especially when it comes getting a good night's sleep.

Using a natural material such as linen that is perfectly weighted helps ease you into a wonderful deep sleep and only gets softer with each wear.


3. They will signal the end of old t-shirts and boxer shorts

High quality, stylish sleepwear for men means the days of rolling out of bed in your old t-shirt and boxers will be a thing of the past. Banish the old answer to sleepwear: it's time to throw out that free t-shirt you got six years ago in a charity 5k finishers pack, you know the one. Sitting down to breakfast suddenly got a whole lot more stylish. 


If you would like to see our range of Men's PJs, click here

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