Interior Design Trends 2023

Interior Design Trends 2023

From coastal and country grandmother to whimsigoth and Y2K to dark academia - 2022 has seen social media popularise a variety of starkly contrasting aesthetics. But which design trend has been the most influential? And which ones will remain the biggest influence on our interiors in 2023?

Using a combination of Google, TikTok, and Instagram data, Piglet in Bed has scored and indexed the top interiors trends for 2022 - and has used this index to predict the top trends of 2023.

Why Y2K is here to stay

Y2K leads the way with a whopping 11.4 BILLION TikTok views, 2,092,020 Instagram posts and 33,100 monthly Google searches. But why is Y2K so popular? The Y2K trend started with nodding back to our favourite fashion trends from the 2000s - comfy wide-leg pants, baby tees, bright colours and retro prints. Y2K fashion feels quite nostalgic for many of us, reminding us of more youthful, simple times.

Similarly, in terms of interiors, Y2K is all about two key design traits: comfort and colour. Both comfortable furniture and bright colours have become much more prevalent in our homes over the past year, and we see no signs of this trend dying down in 2023.

Rhiannon Johns, interior designer and Head of Brand  at Piglet in Bed, comments:

“Y2K interiors are here to stay, and while the concept may sound a little daunting to those of us who stick to the more neutral, minimal aesthetics in our homes, it’s important to remember that there are lots of ways to incorporate design elements from the 2000s - while remaining true to your own style.

To nod to the Y2K aesthetic in your home, get adventurous with colour and pattern. Pops of bright pinks, greens and oranges can look really chic and fun - especially layered together against an otherwise neutral backdrop. Also, play around with pattern - fun floral, swirly lines, and animal prints are all very Y2K, but if those aren’t for you, look to layer more traditional stripes and florals for an understated effect.”

Above left: Blush Pink Bed Linen Bundle, from £263. Right: Raspberry Bed Linen Bundle, from £263. 

2023 is all about being cosy

Searches for Cottagecore peaked a year ago, in January 2022, with 27,100 monthly searches. Searches for ‘Twee’ also peaked around a year ago, with 22,100 monthly searches.

Cottagecore and Twee style have two things in common - cosiness and nostalgia. Just like with Y2K, trends that make us feel nostalgic for the past are set to stick around for 2023 and beyond.

Jessica Hanley, Founder of Piglet in Bed, comments:

“I think that Cottagecore, twee and all of those nostalgic variations on a cosy, more traditional sense of style are here to stay but will adapt into new forms which will be re-labelled on TikTok as the year goes on. The key to achieving this style is nodding back to the past with vintage touches, sticking to a warm, natural colour palette and layering up the natural textures - whether you’re designing your home or outfit.

When I think of these trends, I think of films like The Holiday, Bridget Jones and 500 Days of Summer. Two of which aren’t even based in cottages - which shows how much the cottagecore trend transcends where you actually live.

Embrace the trend in your home with warm, low-level lighting, collecting vintage furniture and an abundance of warm wool throws and chunky knits. In the warmer months, wool is replaced by breathable materials such as linen and cotton, better still if they are patterned”

Above left: Botanical Green Gingham Linen Bundle, from £297. Right: Berry Gingham Linen Bundle, from £297. Moorland Woollen Blanket £129.

 Embrace your dark side

Dark academia being close to the top of the list, with 18,100 monthly searches and 3.2 billion TikTok views, signifies a return to more gothic fashion, which has seen many comebacks in the last ten years.

Rhiannon Johns comments:

With The Addams Family back on our screens (thanks to the new hit Netflix show, Wednesday) and dark academia amassing billions of TikTok views and tons of searches, we can see why gothic styling and dark colours are becoming increasingly popular - both in our clothes and homes.

To embrace this trend in your interiors, weave darker tones throughout your décor - I’d recommend experimenting by investing in some dark-coloured bed linen before committing to full furniture sets or painting a room. If dark interiors are up your street, painting your walls deep charcoal can look striking and surprisingly inviting.

Accessorise with vintage candelabras and unusual ornaments, and don’t be afraid to display your books. Touch on the academic side of the moody trend by keeping your bookshelf stacked - and ever so slightly dishevelled.”

Above left: Midnight Stripe Linen Bedding, Warm Clay Linen Bedding, from £45. Deep Teal Housecoat £199, Sheepskin Moccasin Slippers £79. Right: Blueberry Pyjama Trouser Set £99.

Minimalism is not just a trend

Minimalism has been trending for several years, yet still appears in the top five trends on the list, with 14,800 monthly searches and 26,667,140 posts on Instagram. Minimalism is no longer simply an aesthetic, it is a way of life rooted in sustainability.

Rhiannon Johns adds:

“2023 will see many of us continue to strip back our homes, in favour of a de-cluttered minimalist aesthetic. With sustainability at the forefront of our minds, consumers are looking to reduce what they consume and recycle what no longer serves them. On top of that, a minimalist interior can be hugely beneficial for wellness and particularly beneficial to those who work from home, providing a blank canvas for thoughts and creativity to flourish.” 

Above left: Luna Stripe Bed Linen Bundle, from £263. Right: Oatmeal Bed Linen, White Bed Linen, from £45. Oatmeal Crinkle Throw, from £119. 


Piglet in Bed created a unique scoring system, which took into consideration the average monthly UK Google searches, TikTok # views and Instagram posts with #s for each trend. This scoring system calculated the percentage for each result compared to the maximum number within each category for an accurate and representative ranking.


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