How to Create Your Own Book Nook

How to Create Your Own Book Nook

A place of escapism, a book nook is a snug little spot where you can immerse yourself in a different world through stillness and literature. Though reading never stops for some, autumn feels the perfect time to create a dedicated space to encourage more stillness.  

You could create a purpose-built space that becomes your haven or have a favourite chair that you can nestle into, but pick a quiet place, some cosy comforts and the book you simply cannot put down, and there you have it - your very own book nook. 

Choose the right spot

Opt for a quiet and comfortable spot in your home where you can read without too many distractions. Whether that might be your bedroom, a cosy armchair in the corner of your living room, or a cushioned spot next to a window, seek somewhere with minimal noise and footfall.  

Wherever your chosen spot may be, be sure to have a comfortable seat, armchair, beanbag or duvet. That way you're supported adequately when heading into your page-turner.  

Ensure you have decent lighting  

Proper lighting is a must. Natural lighting is ideal for daytime reading, so if possible, create your book nook near a window. For evening or night-time reading, add soft lighting so you can read with ease. My personal favourite is a salt lamp – they give off a soft glow that instantly sooths and helps to create a place of calm. It’s also important not to be around super bright and harsh lighting before easing off to sleep, as this can affect your circadian rhythm and fool your body into remaining alert – no thank you.  

Enhance your comfort levels  

Make your space super inviting and add soft furnishings like cushions, throws and a cosy blanket. As we come into the chiller months, layers to nestle into are non-negotiable.  

Add your favourite scented candle to add to the ambience and snug feel, not forgetting a warm pair of socks too! 

Finally, a good book 

Of course, an important detail – finding the perfect book. If you are in need of some new material and would like some inspiration, each month we have the joy of reviewing a new (to us) book. Look to our collection of book reviews for inspiration for your next read – Books in Bed.  

Your next read doesn’t have to be a brick that takes months to read, add one of our coffee table books to your reading collection. Great to peruse whilst drinking a cup of coffee our range is here to spark conversation and inspiration around design and interiors, the natural world and slow living – check them out here.  

Books in Bed

Above left: Cotton Meadow Floral bedding, courtesy of @abooknymph. Right: Botanical Green Gingham bedding, courtesy of @katie.binoftoes 

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