A Complete Guide to Our Eco Duvets and Pillows

A Complete Guide to Our Eco Duvets and Pillows


Wave hello to the newest members of Piglet’s bedding range: the Eco Duvet and Eco Pillow. Made in the UK with recycled fillings, they mimic that fluffy feel of down without the feathers. To celebrate this latest launch, we thought we’d take you through some of the finer details. Read on for more information on the products’ innovative materials, the benefits of cluster fibre fillings, and how to wash and care for your bedding.

Modern Materials

Our new duvets and pillows are filled with premium Aerelle® Blue fibres made from ocean-bound plastic. The plastic is collected through the Social Plastic™ programme, which is helping prevent plastic waste from flowing into our oceans from regions that don’t have formal or efficient recycling systems. The plastic is cleaned and recycled before it’s used as a raw material for filling fibres.

Eco Duvet and Eco Pillows

The fibres are carefully gathered into soft clusters to closely replicate the feel of natural down. Then, they’re distributed across the individual pockets in our Eco Duvets and Pillows so the products retain their shape and loft. To finish, they’re wrapped in 233 thread count pure cotton cases, complete with a delicate white piping detail and double-stitched edging.

Note that all bedding products using Aerelle® Blue fibres carry a unique numbered label to ensure full traceability and transparency.

Bedding Benefits

Our Eco Duvets and Pillows are perfect for those who don’t want a feather or down filling but still want that lightweight and lofty feel. They’re kind to those with allergies and are very durable, even withstanding repeated washes.

Eco Duvet and Eco Pillows

Thanks to the cluster fibres, our Eco Duvets and Pillows quickly dissipate heat, keeping you comfortable throughout the night. The duvets come in two weights: our lighter option, equivalent to 4.5 togs and suitable for the summer months, and our warmer option, equivalent to 10.5 togs, suitable for the colder months or as a good compromise all year round.

All our duvets also feature inside corner loops, so you can easily secure your duvet to the cover to stop it from slipping.

Care Instructions

To care for these premium products and maximise their longevity, it’s important to follow a few simple instructions. We recommend that you air your bedding regularly to release any trapped moisture and to re-fluff the filling.

Eco Duvet and Eco Pillows

If you need to wash your Eco Duvet or Pillow, you’ll need a machine large enough to allow the product to move freely during the washing and drying cycles. The drum should have at least 50% empty space when the item is loaded dry for washing and 60% empty space when the item is loaded wet for drying. If the product doesn’t have room to move, it will overheat, damaging the fibres and causing the fillings to clump.

Machine wash using a mild detergent at 40°C or less on a gentle cycle. Don’t use rapid or ready-to-wear cycles, as these will damage the product. Avoid using fabric softener or bleaching agents, and don’t dry clean! Take care when removing your wet duvet from the washing machine. They cling to the inside of the drum, and if you pull or tug on the fabric, it will damage the duvet.

Tumble dry your products on low heat for an extended period. Even when the duvet or pillow feels dry, give the item extra time to dry thoroughly to the core and recover its loft.

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