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How to Achieve These Trending Interior Styles:

Whether you're looking to revamp your living space or simply seeking inspiration for a fresh new update, we’ve selected five of our current favourite interior trends to unpick. From the cosy allure of nostalgic cottagecore, to the bold eclectic vibes of maximalism, here’s our take on the interior's trends of the moment and how you can achieve them. 

English Cottagecore 

Warm Blue Gingham Linen Bedding

Draw inspiration from the charming design found in rural English homes and create a timeless look and feel within your space. This style of décor reflects the comfort and warmth associated with traditional English countryside living and goes hand-in-hand with the grandmillennial trend that resonates with so many of us.  

To achieve this interior trend, embrace a warm colour palette; soft pastels, deep earthy tones, and warm neutrals to create a cosy atmosphere. Vintage and antique furniture pieces, often with a slightly distressed look, are a must with English Country interiors too – a great opportunity to showcase a family heirloom or revive an antique that needs some TLC. When it comes to upholstery, traditional patterns are non-negotiable: our collections of floral cotton bedding or playful gingham bedding are the perfect fabrics to achieve the Cottagecore look.

Eclectic Maximalism   

Pear Seersucker Stripe Cotton Bedding

This style of décor draws inspiration from a wide range of periods, cultures and design elements - often those that might not traditionally be associated with each other. It blurs the lines between differing design styles such as industrial, traditional, bohemian and vintage to create a hugely dynamic and diverse look. 

Embrace an all manner of design delights when it comes to eclectic décor: a synergy of bold colours, vibrant patterns and clashing combinations will create a lively and energetic space - the medley of textures adds depth and tactile interest. Our collection of bold striped bedding complements this style of décor: Seersucker Stripe cotton bedding or Pembroke Stripe linen bedding lend themselves to a bolder approach to interiors, instantly adding vibrancy and fun. 

Modern Farmhouse 

Oatmeal Linen Bedding

Popular for striking the balance between old-world charm and contemporary aesthetics, Modern Farmhouse décor is a blend of rustic contemporary design, with cosy functionality. Often featured within open spaces with a vast amount of natural light, this style of décor invites a sense of togetherness. 

Create a calming atmosphere with a neutral colour palette and natural materials to achieve the rustic farmhouse look, layering muted tones of beiges, whites and soft greys amongst natural materials such as wood and stone, which will add warmth and texture. Linen is the ideal bed linen fabric given its crumpled finish adds to the ease of this décor - Oatmeal StripeWhite and Mushroom Gingham linen bedding are the perfect match with rustic and weathered finishes. 


White Linen Bedding

Often following the "less is more" philosophy, Minimalist design focuses on only essential elements, where each item serves a purpose. The reduction of decorative elements helps to create a sense of calm and tranquillity for those within the space, pulling on features like natural light and functional pieces.  

Furniture within minimalist décor features clean, straight lines to aid with the cohesion of a mindfully clear space, blending seamlessly with a neutral colour palette. Typically focusing on muted tones such as white, beige and pale greens - these lighter shades help to create a sense of serenity, allowing for other design elements to stand out. 

Coastal Grandma  

Warm blue Seersucker Stripe cotton bedding

This final décor trend we’re delving into blends coastal-inspired elements with vintage charm to create a finished look that evokes the comfort and nostalgic feeling of staying at your grandmother's home by the sea.  

A nod to nautical influences and natural textures like wicker and rattan, combined with breezy colours like whites, blues and sandy tones, Coastal Grandma interiors are here to bring ease and evoke a feeling comfort. Embrace antique furniture, vintage textiles and traditional patterns to achieve this feel with the help of natural-toned linen bedding and draped linen curtains.  

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