Felted Fleece Wool Rugs: Care Guide

Felted Fleece Wool Rugs: Care Guide

We have launched a limited-edition collection of beautiful, felted fleece rugs in collaboration with The Felted Fleece Collective. Each rug is handmade solely from wool using traditional felting techniques, ensuring no two rugs are the same, meaning you will have a truly one-of-a-kind piece within your home.  

Our artisan collection is cruelty-free, as the sheep are sheared for their wool. Once the sheep have been sheared, then the process begins. The traditional technique for making these wool rugs is called wet felting. Once the fleece has been worked into shape, any debris is removed (although there might be the odd piece of straw when your felted fleece rug arrives). Carded wool is applied to the back, which is worked in with hot water and soap. The rug is rolled in lots of directions until the felt is firm, and then goes through a cleaning process and then on to dry. 

The rugs are hand-made and natural, responding differently to a sheepskin rug. Each fleece has its own individual characteristics in texture, sheen, lock length and density. Some fleeces will shed more than others. 

To ensure your rug remains in its best condition, here are some tips from The Felted Fleece Collective’s founder, Deborah.  

  • These rugs are not suitable for vacuum cleaning 
  • If you find the need to clean your rug, you have two options: handwashing or machine-washing. However, before diving into either method, begin by taking your rug outside and giving it a good shake to remove any accumulated dust and dirt. 

Hand Washing:

Fill a tub with lukewarm water (not exceeding 30°C) and add a wool or silk detergent. Carefully immerse the rug face down and gently swish it around and let it soak for about an hour. Rinse with cold water but do not swish it this time. Spin it quickly to remove excess water and lay it flat to dry. 

Machine Washing: 

Set your machine to the handwash/wool & silk cycle with a cold wash, making sure to choose a very gentle machine wash, as machines can vary. After removing the rug from the machine, shake it vigorously and use your fingers to gently fluff up any flattened or clumped locks, then lay it flat to dry. 

You can also give your fleece a snow bath. This is the old Nordic method of washing wool. You’ll be surprised at how good it works!  

Moths are attracted to wool products in your home due to the keratin in the fibres. To prevent moth damage, here are some helpful tips: 

  • When creating rugs, they’re washed thoroughly multiple times, and are soaked in a Unicorn Fibre Scour solution at temperatures above 60°C to ensure any moth eggs in the wool are killed by the high heat. 
  • The rugs have been applied with  Clothes Doctor Moth Repellent, a highly recommended product for protecting woollen items in your home. 

If you happen to spot moths or their larvae in your woollen products, it's essential to take action promptly. Moths often lay eggs, so if you see adult moths, there's a good chance eggs and larvae are present. Also, if you notice small holes in your rug, it's a sign of moth larvae infestation. 

To address this issue, freeze the affected item if possible, to kill any eggs and then follow the washing instructions mentioned above. 

If you have any additional questions, please get in touch with us – team@pigletinbed.com 

Care Guide - Felted Wool Rugs

Photography by Leia Morrison ©

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