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An Evening with Friends

Remember spending evenings chatting with your friends, having some drinks, shooting the breeze? At home?! In person?! This is something most of us probably took for granted for a long time. It's never been more obvious that spending time in the company of people who know you well, who support you and who make you laugh is pretty important to your well-being. Something so simple and yet so ingrained in our DNA as social beings, when denied, leaves us feeling depleted and un-moored. Communicating through a screen doesn't allow for catching someone's eye across the room to share an inside joke, makes a spontaneous friendly elbow to the ribs impossible and turns companionable silences awkward. 

If you are ready (it's quite ok not to be!) and able, to start hosting friends wherever you are, here are a few ideas for a fun and relaxing evening in with your friends:


A key component.

Whether it’s your best friends forever, work pals or friends you are still getting to know, the main thing is how they make you feel. Who did you miss most over the past year? Whose sense of humour leaves you gasping for breath? Who do you turn to when you’re feeling flat? Get them over.



I’m not going to diss my old favourite catering failsafe: kettle chips in a bowl, hummus straight out of the tub and some token carrot sticks. It worked when I was a student, it still works now. HOWEVER, now that we have ascertained the truly splendid feeling of hosting for friends, it might be worth going a little further on the food-front. May I suggest a platter? Everyone can tuck in, the fusspots can avoid the bits they don’t like and you can graze on it all night. For a how-to on making the perfect grazing platter, check out our Instagram @pigletinbed for inspiration.


For something snazzy, try this watermelon and lime cocktail. These go down very easily so don’t say I didn’t warn you. Alternatively, if you haven’t leaped onto the British sparkling wine train yet then I urge you to. My current fave is this limited edition sparking rose from Piglet’s neighbours in Sussex, the Wiston Estate.


Table setting

Whether you are sitting at a dining table or lounging around a coffee table, a bit of sprucing up makes the whole evening a bit more of an event. Some seasonal flowers popped into little vases, a simple tablecloth and napkins suddenly makes everything feel special.


Enjoy your evening.


By Rebecca Bormann

Photo credits @noreenwasti 



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