How to Style Gingham Bedding

How to Style Gingham Bedding

It’s no secret that we are beyond excited to share our latest collection of bed linen - Hello Gingham! We’ve opened the door into patterned bed linen and my goodness are we happy to be here. To us, Gingham feels nothing but nostalgic - a timeless classic perfect for the hopeless romantics, print fanatics and lovers of the bold. Our gingham bedding collection is made from natural, stonewashed linen that gets even softer with each use. Made in Portugal from European flax, it’s durable, breathable and temperature-regulating, so it’s the perfect all-year-rounder, keeping you cool in warm summer months and super cosy when the winter nights draw in. 

We’ve compiled together some ideas on how you can style this knockout print and how to give your bedroom a little facelift. 

Mix & Match

Each of our bed linen collections have been carefully curated to give you ample flexibility and inspiration when it comes to the mixing and matching of both colours and fabrics; we love nothing more than trialling different combinations and our latest Gingham collection is no exception. 

Botanical & Neutral | Style together our Botanical Green Gingham bed linen with Forest Green and Oatmeal Linen for a layered and soft look - perfect for lovers of the natural world.  

Crisp & Fresh | Below Left: Warm Blue and Burnt Orange - these two look like they were made for each other! A warm base with a cool burst makes for a striking finish. 

Extravagant & Plush | Below Right: Orchid, Oatmeal and White - these calming neutrals make for a soft base for the lead role of this show - enter Orchid. This beautifully bold, pink gingham bedding really is a dreamy, romantic look.


Finish with a Final Flourish

If you’ve already got a set of our classic linen bedding, why not style in our Gingham Cushions for a cheeky flash of print. Complete with contrasting piping, our gingham cushions are contemporary and vibrant - an easy way to update your bedroom for summer. 

Though Gingham is a printed material, anything goes when it comes to adding this chequered fabric - contrast with larger checks, bold shades or floral prints for a dose of cottage-core!

Why opt for Gingham Bedding

Gingham is a timeless classic, but we’ve given it a clean and fresh update with these bold colours. It’s simple, yet versatile - go all out gingham, or sneak it beneath the sheets for a discreet flare with one of our fitted sheets, or contrasting pillows - go wild! 

It makes us feel nostalgic of the British countryside, a nod to our roots and brings an instant look of charm. As we continue to crave life in the slow lane, our new Gingham Bedding Collection celebrates simplicity and making your bedroom space a place of calm.

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