Father's Day Gift Guide 2023

Father's Day Gift Guide 2023

Father’s Day is on the approach (Sunday 18th June!) and provides an opportunity to express your love and gratitude to the male figure in your life. Whether that’s your dad, grandad, uncle, brother or your best pal, you may wish to celebrate this day and use it as an opportunity to make them feel super special; be it a delicious homemade breakfast, or perhaps a gift of natural comfort. Should you wish to opt for the latter, we’ve collected a round-up of gift ideas that’ll go down a treat.

1. Linen Pyjamas

Give your loved one the gift of comfort with a pair of our linen pyjamas. Made from 100% European flax, our pyjamas are a classic fit, featuring piping in a contrasting colour. Available in plain and gingham styles, in sets and separates, our linen pyjamas are here to bring comfort and style no matter the climate or season given their thermoregulating properties. They’re the perfect cosy companion to saunter in – a weekend must-have! For an extra special touch, you can even have our shirt sets monogrammed with their initials too.

2. Woollen Throws + Blankets

Perhaps your father-figure loves to spend time in the comfort of home, cosied on their sofa? Then our woollen blankets are a must. Made in Yorkshire from very soft and fine merino wool, we have six different colour options – ideal for draping over their sofa, or the end of their bed. Our cotton throws are a great option too; super soft and sustainably sourced, our waffle throws make a great gift too.

3. Alpaca wool socks

You simply cannot go wrong with a pair of socks – they're almost mandatory when it comes to gift giving. Our wool bed socks are made from alpaca wool sourced from Peruvian alpacas. Though they are woollen, they’re lightweight and breathable – ideal for those who get cold feet when trying to drift off. They’re also a perfect match with sandals for the proper ‘dad-look’. Available in five classic colour options, they’re certainly a winner.

4. Self-indulging treats

Self-care shouldn’t be exclusive to women. Men ought to treat themselves too, given the importance of winding down and taking some time out to relax. To encourage your father-figure to take some much-needed ‘me time’, why not make up a little pamper package? Complete a parcel with our room and pillow sprays, organic soaps and 100% cotton face cloths, for a gift that’ll help to bring some tranquillity to their day and make the face shave a little more indulgent!

5. Candles

Everyone deserves to have a calming space, full of a dreamy aroma. Our candles are made in the UK and are hand-poured into apothecary-inspired, amber glass. With three classic scents to choose from, our candle collection helps to elevate the senses and enhance the space with a soft glow. 

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