Our Black Friday Sale Top Picks

Our Black Friday Sale Top Picks

Our Black Friday Barn Sale is here! Enjoy a whopping 25% off our entire collection of cosy home comforts. Using sustainably-sourced natural materials, we make products that only get better with love and time. Treat yourself and your loved ones this Christmas to gifts that will last you for many years to come. Below we’ve curated several highlight edits across our collections that we think ought to be your next Piglet in Bed purchases. Happy shopping! 


Linen is our bread and butter - we can’t sing its praises highly enough, it really is a beautiful fabric to sleep in. During Black Friday, we’re offering 25% off our entire collection, so now is the perfect time to give it a go if you haven’t already. Our linen range extends to over 20 colourways, including plain, muted stripes and our most sought-after linen yet - gingham. Our range offers ample flexibility as you can create your own unique bedtime look with our bundle builder. Here, you can choose contrasting fitted sheets for a sneaky pop of colour, compliment striped pillows to mix with plain, or of course you can choose an entire set, exclusively in one colourway. 

Newly launched this season, our linen collection has extended to quilts and shams. Medium in weight, our linen quilts add an additional layer of cosiness and texture - perfect for chillier nights, but beautifully decorative all-year-round. These are available in three of our signature linen colours - Raspberry, Sage Green and Blueberry. These three can also be mixed and matched with our linen shams - they add an instant touch of luxury and additional plushness, as these too are both decorative and practical to sleep on. You can find more about our shams just here! Don’t forget, it’s 25% off EVERYTHING


This year, we stepped into the world of cotton. This fabric shares several similarities with linen in that they both derive from natural fibres and are super breathable to sleep in. Cotton has a smoother finish to linen - our cotton is a washed percale weave, so it's matte but doesn’t have a satin/sheen touch that you may see elsewhere with cotton bedding. We will always embrace crinkles and a natural finish, as opposed to crisp and shine - that just doesn’t really fit our Piglet mould. So if you choose either linen or cotton, our range encourages a life looking well loved and lived-in. 

Within the cotton range, our bundle builder still applies, offering ample flexibility when mixing and matching of both colours and fabrics. Perhaps you’re someone who loves linen, but actually find a cotton fitted sheet more comfortable to lie in; with our bundle builder, you can achieve exactly that look. In addition to our linen quilts and shams, these too are available in cotton. We offer four soft pastel-like tones, perfect when you need to pull over another layer during these chilly nights. Full disclosure - they’re unbelievably soft. Did I forget to mention we’re offering 25% off our full collection?


Love linen bedding? Then you’ll love our 100% linen pyjamas. These are the perfect gift for your loved ones (and you) - they feel the ultimate luxury when swanning about on a slow weekend morning, coffee in hand and breakfast cooking away. Just like our linen bedding, our linen pyjamas are thermo-regulating, keeping you cosy all winter but cool in the summer months too.

Available in our classic Piglet linen colours, as well as whimsical print - gingham, our linen pyjamas are a must. Team with our sheepskin moccasin slippers and alpaca wool socks, available in five signature colours, for a match made in pyjama heaven. Oh by the way, you’ll receive 25% off when you buy during our Black Friday Barn Sale


This year, we also extended our table linen range. Made in Portugal from 100% European linen, our table lines are available in several signature colours as well as stripes and gingham (not sure I’ve mentioned it, but we’re head over heels for this print). 

Here to elevate the everyday, our table linens are available in tablecloths, table runners, placemats and napkins. Why not step up your table-setting-game this festive season, and create your own unique tablescape, full of beautiful linens, foliage and vintage plates and glasses, to set the place for the most special Christmas season yet! You can even read our top tips on how to create a special dining setting just here. With our Black Friday Barn Sale savings, treat yourself to a full set of table linens - hurry now, whilst stocks last! 

Within our homeware range, you'll also find woollen blankets. They're made from soft, merino wool, made in Yorkshire using traditional methods by one of the country’s oldest mills. Available in six different contemporary patterns and colourways, offering the perfect modern twist on a heritage item. 

We have a range of smaller gifts and accessories including pillow sprays, home fragrances and cleaning and laundry products, designed to keep your home smelling beautifully fresh all year round. 25% off now! 

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