Mother's Day Gift Guide 2023

Mother's Day Gift Guide 2023

This Sunday 19th March is an opportunity to express your gratitude to the female figures who act as a strong and grounding presence in your life; be it your mum, older sister, grandma, friend, or your aunty. However this looks for you, you can choose to use this day as an opportunity to tell them that you love them, whether you opt for a simple hand-made card or decide to purchase them a special gift to mark the occasion. 

If you decide to go for the latter and are looking for some inspiration, we've collected a round-up of gift ideas from our range of natural home comforts. 

1. Women's Blueberry Pyjama Shorts Set, £105

Blueberry linen pyjama shorts set

If your loved one's pyjamas are looking like they're in need of an upgrade, you can't go wrong with linen pyjamas made from 100% European flax. The classic-style cut features piping in a contrasting colour meaning these are the kind of stylish pyjamas you can wear even when you have company. Perfect for lounging around in or even pottering around in the garden in the morning with a hot cup of tea. They're breathable and yet thermoregulating, meaning the long-sleeved linen top will keep them cosy while we patiently wait for spring weather. 

2. Peony & Gardenia Scented Candle, £19 

Peony and gardenia scented candle

At some point you reach a certain age where scented candles become meaningful gifts (for me this was around 30). Our Peony & Gardenia naturally-scented candle contains notes of citrus, clove, orange blossom and jasmine, so it's beautifully fresh and reminiscent of a warm summer's day. 

3. Create an evening wind-down gift bundle featuring our Oatmeal, Lavender and Clare Sage Soap, £8, Cotton Face Cloths, £6, Calming Room & Pillow Mist, £19 and English Breakfast Tea Bags by Good & Proper, £5

gift bundle

If you prefer to gift a few smaller presents, you could curate your own wind-down bundle for your loved one. Our natural soap, cotton face cloths, calming pillow mist and English breakfast tea bags by Good & Proper make the ultimate self-care package, ideal for those who needs to be encouraged to have some much-needed alone time. 

4. Ecru Alpaca Wool Bed Socks, £25

alpaca wool bed socks

There's nothing worse than having cold feet when you're trying to get to sleep during the colder months. Our wool bed socks are made from alpaca wool sourced from Peruvian alpacas. The fibres of their wool are very fine and yet also hollow: it's these air pockets that trap heat and result in an incredibly warm and yet lightweight material. The natural moisture-wicking abilities of the wool means your feet don't get sweaty during the night, too. 

6. Ochre Gingham Wool Blanket, £125

ochre gingham wool blanket

If your mother-figure is a bit of a homebody, you can't go wrong with a well-crafted piece of home décor. Our wool blankets are made in Yorkshire from very soft and fine merino wool, meaning they are kind to your skin. Ideal for snuggling under while watching a movie, or draping over the end of your bed to introduce some pattern and extra warmth. 

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