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Lockdown Valentine

Valentine's is going to be a little different this year. Gone is the fancy restaurant dinner for two followed by a West End show, gone is the candlelit table at a basement jazz club and the late night cocktails. Gone are the romantic European city breaks. Some of us may not even be able to see our partners face to face this February 14th due to being separated by lockdown. However, once you strip away all the glitz and red glitter we are left with something simpler and altogether more true to the celebration of love. 

We have put together a few home-bound suggestions to mark the occasion, no matter who you are doing it with.


piglet breakfast in bed

Piglet's Luna stripe bedding and Oatmeal throw 


Flying Solo

What a great excuse to spend some quality me time.  For some truly delicious self care, spend the day exclusively doing things that make you happy. Wrap yourself in cashmere and merino loungewear, curl up with a glass of wine and a good book, hygge-fy your bedroom, order in some yummy take away to eat whilst you do a hair mask and simply take the time to just do you. Without having to share any of your chocolates. Bliss.


Smug Twosome

If it's just you and your other half/partner/husband/gal pal/flat mate, then why not re-create your favourite restaurant experience at home? You could, of course, cook yourself. However, if you happen to be somewhat challenged in the kitchen department, check if your beloved local haunt is offering up a Valentine's Special for takeaway or delivery. My cherished Italian is doing a couples dinner that is easily finished off at home, especially for the occasion. So stick some lovely linens and the fancy china on the table, add some tapered candles in wine bottles and relive that most romantic of all movie scenes: Lady & Tramp sharing a plate of spaghetti and meatballs.


The Family Game

If you have a brood that you can't ship off this year, get them involved with a family breakfast in bed. Hardly the most original, but always a lovely and delicious gesture. And since Valentine's conveniently falls on a Sunday this year, there's more reason than ever to indulge in some in between the sheets snacking.

For an on theme family friendly breakfast why not try some heart shaped pancakes, flower decorated granola or a pink smoothie? All enjoyed in the cosy confines of a pillow fort!

And then, bribe the kids with treats to sort out all the crumbs. 


Who Needs Humans Anyway?

If you are lucky enough to be spending your Valentine's with your four legged bestie, then why not forgo all decorum and shamelessly spoil them. The pet gift market is booming and you can find anything from doggy cupcakes to designer kitten collars. And lets face it, seeing their little happy faces and stroking their soft ears is simply the best.



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