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Herbal Bouquet

We’re big fans of greenery here at Piglet. I’m definitely of the opinion that a bountiful selection of well-tended house plants makes a living space feel both welcoming and well put-together. Those of us who struggle to keep a spider plant alive for more than a fortnight tend to opt for bouquets and flower arrangements to add the same pop of green without the responsibility of keeping spidey alive and sprouting. High street blooms can be uninspired so what’s the alternative? With a reported rise in herb boxes springing up around Britain, how about putting some of your homegrown delights to not just culinary use by creating a fragrant herbal bouquet as a super unique alternative to flowers.


Start with plenty of fresh herbs. Whatever you have growing or available in your local greengrocers. For ours, we’ve used thyme, oregano, parsley, apple mint, peppermint, sorrel, dill, and coriander. You can get some wonderful flowering varieties at the moment which add another scented layer to your posy. Keep the bunches tied with a rubber band or some garden twine as this helps to keep the final product looking nice and neat.


Next, lay out some tissue paper or craft paper with the top folded over to create the bones of your wrapping.

Start layering your herb bunches diagonally on top. Once everything has been added, fold the paper towards yourself at an angle to form a sort of cone-shaped bundle. Turn over and tie securely with twine to keep in place.

You can then wrap your bouquet in a napkin or lovely tea towel for an extra touch.


And voila! (told you even the most serial of plant killers could manage it). These bouquets are great hanged as natural air fresheners, displayed in jars (you can even snip bits of for your cooking if kept in the kitchen) or gifted to lovers of all things green and scented.






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