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'Animal' by Lisa Taddeo

The first novel from the author or global phenomenon Three Women 

I thought about killing myself but I wanted to meet you first.  

I am depraved. 

I hope you like me. 


A hugely anticipated, compulsive thriller from the brilliant, brazen, daring, sexy mind of the writer behind Three Women, the book that changed how we think about desire. Animal opens with a self-inflicted gunshot to the head of unrequited love and becomes a road trip to California, centering on a woman who is driven to extremes by the violence of her past.

'I would start by saying that the governing principle behind [Animal] is that we are more comfortable in diagnosing madness in women - saying she's "crazy" - then we are more examining where she's coming from and why she is the way that she is... For me, the essence of the book is about more than the plot. I think about the book in terms of the bigger motivations behind it: How difficult it is for me that people aren't ok with other people's trauma... [In] Animal, there's this idea of a woman taking the power back and not caring what other people think'.

LISA TADDEO, Entertainment Weekly

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