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Spring Clean Your Vibe

It is officially spring and hopefully, you’re as excited as we are for a fresh new season and warmth and brightness. And with the coming of Spring comes the long-practised ritual of the Spring Clean. After the long hours spent indoors during Autumn and Winter, most of us cannot wait to get scrubbing and sweeping and make our homes shiny and bright again, ready for the warmer months. However, how about cleaning more than the physical? We have been spending more time than ever cooped up indoors which makes taking care of the energy in your home more relevant than ever. Here are a few simple suggestions, based on mysticism, spiritual practices and traditional remedies can help refresh the mood and bring in the happy positive vibes that we so need. Definitely do try this at home.

Salt your rooms

Salt is seen to have esoteric properties and is commonly used in Wicca to help absorb bad energy. In fact, halotherapy, which is the practice of meditation on rooms filled Himalayan salt, has been gaining popularity. You can recreate the vibe with salt lamps which have been shown to have quite a few benefits such as promoting calmness, aiding with respiratory health and fighting inflammation.

Or you can DIY this by placing small piles of salt in the corners of your room, leave for a few hours, sweep and toss it out along with any bad juju. Try putting a bowl of salt under your bed to dispel bad dreams or a pile under your door mat to keep negative energy away. 

Introduce crystals

Different types of crystals are seen to have different healing properties. Amethyst, for example, is said to calm and protect and act like a sponge for negative energy. Selenite promotes peace and positivity. But if in doubt, remember that most black or dark-hued stones such as black tourmaline or smoky quartz are believed to protect, ground, and cleanse.

However, if you use crystals, be aware that the crystals themselves need a good energy scrub themselves once in a while. A salty bath or leaving them out in the full moon apparently does the trick nicely.

High frequency sounds

Sound waves can purify not only a space but also your personal energy. Sounds baths have become super popular recently so clearly there is something in this that resonates with people. Just consider how easily your favourite song can put you in a great mood and apply this to your entire house.

Bells, singing bowls and tuning forks can all be used or alternatively, there is a whole host of options that can be instantly streamed off of YouTube. 


Air things out

Fresh air and sunshine are magic mood lifters. We all know how a simple brisk walk can make us feel more positive and it is time to bring that positivity indoors. Whack those windows open and let the breeze waft through the house, even if there is still a chill in the air. Whilst you’re at it, hang out your duvets and pillow inserts and pop any soft furnishings outside to get some sun. After all, granny was right when she said fresh air is life!

Ditch the broken things

We all go a bit blind to what’s in front of us at times. That’s exactly why we never actually get round to fixing that broken kitchen door even though we totally mean to. But broken things harbour negative energy and can make of an impact on our subconscious than we realise. So set aside an hour to fix those broken things or just get rid. Your energy will thank you for it.

Go round

In Feng Shui, sharp corners are bad news as they can block energy causing it to stagnate. Obviously living in a circular house is not exactly the norm, but introducing round and spherical objects can help ‘chi’, or positive energy, circulate more freely. Choosing round lampshades, tables and decorations is a simple way to do this without a full-on refurb and might just help banish the blues (and who doesn’t love an excuse to shop home decor?).

Add some mirrors

Mirrors have long held mystical associations. They reflect positive energy into the room but also reflect beautiful objects and the positive connotations of happiness, wealth and fulfilment they have for most people. If nothing else, they make your space look brighter, lighter and prettier. So you can’t really go wrong with this one.

Keep colours neutral

Now don’t get me wrong, I love a big bold colour in a living space, or a moody and atmospheric bedroom. And these dark, rich tones can work wonderfully. However, if you are feeling low, overwhelmed and anxious, dark colours can become claustrophobic and oppressive and the space becomes the opposite of relaxing. Sticking with a neutral palette will create a bright and serene environment that is more conducive to chilling out and feeling happy.

Smoke cleansing

Burning dried herbs has been used in many cultures to help cleanse a space and help to achieve a calm and balanced mental state. Nag Champa incense is a wonderful musky smoke that will make any space feel warm and welcoming. Or why not try making your own dried herb mix to burn? Lavender, rosemary, lemongrass and bay are all wonderful.

Use orange oil

There is something about the smell of oranges that transports you to happy, sun-drenched times. And in fact, studies have now shown that orange oil can help boost your mood. So why not add a few drops to your cleaning products or pop some into an oil diffuser and make your home smell like a Mediterranean getaway. 

Plant lavender 

Lavender has long been used to aid relaxation and help sleep. Planting lavender in your front garden or by your entrance will not only provide you with a calming waft as you get home, but also be a visual reminder that you have arrived home safe and sound. I have lavender growing in window boxes. Full disclosure: I put it there mostly because of the line “plant lavender for luck and fall in love often” from Practical Magic, which is an EXCELLENT movie. Now every time I walk up to my front door it makes me smile. 


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