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Recipe Boxes


Let’s face it, we all get stuck in a food rut sometimes and lockdown numero tres is hardly helping matters. You whizz round the supermarket, sticking the same old ingredients in your trolley in a bid to get out as quickly as possible and end up cooking the same meals, week in week out. How lovely would it be to simply have someone do all the thinking and shopping for you.

In come recipe boxes. You simply click on what new and inspirational dish you fancy consuming that week, and all the ingredients, carefully chosen and portioned for you, appear at your door. All that’s left is the fun part of putting it together. Modern day witchcraft at it’s finest.


Here our some of Piglet’s favourites to get you enjoying fun new dishes in no time.


Mindful Chef 

This is a firm favourite amongst Piglet staff. The folks at Mindful Chef are all about making it easier for us the lead a healthier life and as such focus on simple, healthy and high quality ingredients, all delivered in fully recyclable packaging. Pasta, bread or white rice have no place here, instead expect a fully recyclable box full of fresh vegetables, whole grains, ethically sourced meat and fish and delicious add ons. Perfect for families!


What’s In The Box: a weekly box that includes everything you need for 2 to recipes serving 1 or 2 people or a family.


Recipes include: aubergine with pomegranate salsa and harissa yoghurt, vietnamese crispy pork and carrot noodles and hot smoked salmon with beetroot and walnuts. Yum!

Price: from £11 pp



Pasta Evangelists 

Everything you need to make a delicious pasta in under 10 minutes, all in super convenient, mail box friendly packaging. These guys only do pasta but they do it extremely well and most dietary restrictions are catered for. They also offer Zoom pasta making workshops if you fancy taking your love of noodle to a new level. And if you live in Central London you can order in the morning for delivery in time for dinner!


What’s In The Box: pre-portioned amount of pasta for 1 or 2 people, sauce and garnish. And you can also add an “aperitivo of the week”.


Recipes include: A drool worthy weekly selection with goodies such as gnocchi with Martina’s Sardininian lamb ragu, orecchiette with Sicily’s pistachio pesto and salt cod ravioli with sage butter sauce.

 Price: from £6.80 pp 


Abel & Cole  

These guys are the OG of organic fruit and veg boxes. Whilst not exactly a recipe box, you can start off with a vegetable box and add on from a huge selection of mostly organic proteins, dairy and even household essentials making this a perfect one-stop weekly shop option. They also include handy recipes for your selection to help you get out of the weekly dinner rut.


What’s In The Box: large selection of boxes such as the cook’s box, the fruit bowl box and the family favourites meat and fish box. These all come in various sizes and you can choose your likes and dislikes.


Recipes include: your imagination is the limit!

Price: from £12.50 for a fruit box.



Another organic veg box provider who also does delicious recipe boxes. Whether you’re vegan, love your meat or a looking for fun family pleasers, Riverford have got you covered with their wholesome, veg heavy offerings. You can also add staples such as milk, cheese and eggs as well as extra fruit and vegetable boxes.


What’s In The Box: everything you need to cook great, wholesome meals off your choosing.


Recipes include: flat bread veggie pizzas, ribollita linguine, black kale and mozarella and sweet and sour cashew stir-fry and cauliflower rice.

Price: from £12.45 fora vegan recipe box



A great fruit and veg box that rescues odd and surplus stock directly from farms and delivers it your door weekly.


What’s In The Box: a great selection of farm fresh fruit and vegetables.


Recipes include: you’re going to have to get creative with this one but they have a great blog that regularly features recipes. And you get to feel good about giving imperfect vegetables a new home.

Price: from £10.99 for a small veggie box



Feast Box

If you fancy something a little more adventurous, this is the box for you. Feast Box prides itself for ethically sourcing authentic recipes from around the globe and filling kitchens with new and exciting ingredients from far flung corners of the world such as Africa, Korea, Latin America, Middle East and many more. Definitely one to try if you need a kitchen “spice-up”!


What’s In The Box: everything you need to cook up lively new recipes for either 2 people or a family (2 adults and 2-3 children)


Recipes include: Paneer jalfrezi with roti, Indonesian fish in banana or Vietnamese Bo Kan. 12 to pick from weekly.

Price: from £5 pp

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