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At Home Staycation

Things are slowly easing up and we will soon have some freedoms back (fingers crossed!). However, I don’t know about you, but I am dreaming of an escape. So, since I can’t yet actually go anywhere yet, I decided to have a staycation at home. In the guest room to be exact. Now, you don’t actually need a spare room to achieve this at-home mini-break. Your own bedroom will do just fine. So leave the washing up and piles of Lego in the hallway, shut the door and relax into a hotel experience without having to leave the house. 

Start With The Bed

A full-on makeover is neither practical nor needed here. Obviously, a good old tidy would be great. Grab a large basket and use it as a catch-all for any unnecessary clutter to give your space a bit of a lift. Add some calming room and pillow spray to give it that lovely hotel room ambience and most importantly, dress your bed. Pop-on a  freshly washed set of linens in a modern neutral tone such as Piglet’s brand new Lake Blue or the best-selling Oatmeal. This will make the room look instantly serene and put together, and make you want to cosy down and unwind.

Add A Good Book and Pyjamas

Now that you’re quarters are on point, its time to settle in and enjoy them. Get yourself into some Piglet pyjamas, which are styled to be oversized and super loungy, wrap yourself in a cashmere/merino blend dressing gown and settle in, smug in the knowledge that you’ve managed to nail looking effortlessly elegant whilst being super comfortable. Grab that book you’ve been meaning to start/finish (perhaps the new Under The Covers Book Club read?), a few magazines and just relaaaaaaax.

And Your Favourite Snacks

Now, all that relaxing makes for hungry work. Snacks are definitely in order. I find a cheeseboard is always extremely soothing, especially when devoured solo. Just don’t forget the linen napkins to keep that bed crumb free!

Finish Off With Breakfast In Bed

Once you’ve had the most relaxing night’s sleep, why not treat yourself to a wholesomely delicious breakfast in bed and a fresh juice. If you can convince someone to bring it in to you, even better. All wrapped in your favourite linen robe of course.

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